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Buying Stations and Towers


57 Channels and Nothing On
FCC AM/FM Translator Report and Order, June 2009

FCC Attorney (and great guy) Wade Hargrove honored, October 2009
FCC Media Ownership Workshop in January 2010, December 2009
FCC NPRM Cross-Ownership of Broadcast Stations and Newspapers (9/01)
FCC NPRM Rules and Policies Concerning Multiple Ownership in Local Markets (11/01)
FCC Ordered to Rewrite Rules Easing Media Ownership
FCC Releases Text of New Broadcast Multiple Ownership Rules (ShawPittman)
FCC Report and Order on Ownership Rules (07/02/03)
FCC Sets Limits on Media Concentration (6/03)
FCC To Terminate Temporary Broadcast Station Freeze (9/10/03)
Bigger Than Big
Bud Walters’ testimony at FCC Nashville hearing, December 11, 2006
Contest Rules (12/16)
Copps to reconsider cross-ownership ban, March 2009
Court Remands Local TV Ownership Rule for Further Consideration (Lewis J. Paper)
Joint Reply Comments – 2010 Quadrennial Regulatory Review, August 2010
Memorandum on Broadcast Localism and the related NPRM (David O'Connor of Holland & Knight)
Moving Day
Multiple Ownership (David D. Oxenford)
NAMB's FCC Comments Regarding Foreign Ownership
One Round with the Champ
Out of the Doldrums
Ownership Rules--George Reed, RBR (April 2003, Volume 20, Issue 4)

Radio Ink: FCC Changes Media Ownership Rules
Radio Stations for sale with seller financing, July 2010
Senate Commerce Committee Hearings on Media Ownership, (7/03), Testimony of Alex Kolobielski
Senate Commerce Committe Hearings on Media Ownership, (7/03), Testimony of Lewis Dickey, Jr.
Shared Services (Steve Lovelady of Fletcher, Heald, & Hildreth, PLC)
Sick Sigma?
Summary of FCC Media Ownership Rules (Lewis J. Paper and Andrew S. Kersting of Dickstein Shapiro )
Tournament Television (12/16)
The $40 Billion Blink
The Big Big Number
U.S. Court of Appeals Stay of Ownership Rules (09/03/03)
What was that Noise?

MSG Partners

Meet the Media Services Group partners: Tom McKinley, January 2010
Meet the Media Services Group partners: Providence office, January 2010
Meet the Media Services Group partners: Greg Merrill, February 2010
Meet the Media Services Group Partners: Jody McCoy, December 2009
Meet the Media Services Group Partners: Bill Whitley, December 2009
Meet the Media Services Group Partners: Eddie Esserman, December 2009
Meet the Media Services Group Partners: Bob Heyman, December 2009
Hello. My name is George Reed, and I Tweet, October 2009
Publisher's Profile--George Reed, R&R (11/01)
Robert Heymann, Radio Ink (4/15)
George Reed Polishes His M&A Crystal Ball (RBR, Fall 2016)
Seven Questions with George Reed (RBR, August 2013)
The Dealmaker's Prediction: A Robust 2017 for TV Deals (12/16)
InFOCUS: How HD Multicasts Can Bring More Revenue (01/17)
The New Entercom: Not A Direct Asset Sale (02/2017)

Selling Stations and Towers

Station Values

Broadcast Dealmaking on the Upswing, RBR April 19, 2013
Broadcast Valuation Experts Declaration to FCC (MMTC), August 2013
Media Brokerage Sees Banner Year for Station Swaps (David Hendrick of SNL Kagan)
New station comp in our "What's it Worth?" series, November 2009
New poll on radio station pricing added to blog, December 2009
Radio/TV Station Trading Views: 2009 Radio Station Trading Multiples
Radio/TV Station Trading Views: 10 in '10 (my predictions for the broadcasting industry in 2010), December 2009
Radio/TV Station Trading Views: 2009 Non Commercial FM Sales ($1 million or higher), January 2010
Radio/TV station Trading Views: Radio Ink's Forecast 2016
Radio/TV station Trading Views: Thoughts on Station Pricing from Radio Ink's Forecast 2016
Radio/TV station Trading Views: When You're Hot, You're Hot! August 2013
Radio Business Report: Broadcast dealmaking seen on the upswing
Radio deal of the decade (for the buyer), March 2009
Radio industry second quarter revenue results, August 2010
Radio Ink: Bayliss To Host Online Auction, June 2009
Radio stations are worth 3x BCF, July 2009
Spring Thaw Has Started Early
Wall Street's Wild Ride
"What's it Worth?" October 2009
What was the multiple?, October 2013


Useful Tools

Workouts and Restructuring


A Tale of Two Strategies, April 2009
Are Broadcasters About to Spend Another 24 Months in a Flaming PR Dungeon?, March 2010
Brokers Analyze Impact of Entercom-CBS Deal, February 2017
Dave Martin's post on "Eating your own dog food", August 2010
Democracy May Prove the Doom of WBAI (New York Times) August 2013
Did we already hit the bottom? March 2009
Edison Research and Arbitron release, April 2009
Forbes - Radio: The All-But-Forgotten Medium With The Biggest Reach (7/15)
Gary Vaynerchuck Saves the Radio Industry! October 2009
If it was up to me, I would..., June 2009
Kellar Radio Talent Institute launches new website, December 2009
Las Vegas (NAB) in the Rear View Mirror, April 2010
Less is NOT More...It is SIMPLE, June 2009
Lew Dickey removed from Farid's Christmas card list, December 2010
More from the NAB, April 2009
NAB Looking to Cancel Dickstein Shapiro Conference at Radio Show: BIG MISTAKE, June 2010
NAB Show - Spring 2012
NAB Radio Show 2013, A few words about the Orlando convention
NAB Show 2013 - From a Media Broker's Perspective
New Tools on the Media Services Group Website, June 2009
Observations from this year's NAB Show, April 2010
New to following blogs?, November 2009
Old Meets New: Priceless, April 2009
Radio/TV Station Buyers group on LinkedIn tops 150 members, November 2009
Radio Business Report: Have You Hugged Your Radio Broker Lately? (Robert L. Heymann Jr.)
Radio Ink Broker Report, November 2016
Radio Scenario Planning, April 2009
Radio station owners fall into two camps: Pick one!, October 2010
Radio: The Original Social Medium (and wireless before wireless was cool), May 2009
Religious programs taking over radio waves in region, September 2009 (Adrian McCoy)
Re-Inventing Radio, April 2009
Station Trading 2003: Content is King
Station trading coming back to life? October 2009
Thoughts, Observations, and Opinions from the 2009 NAB Radio Show, September 2009
Thoughts from the 2010 Radio Show, September 2010
Tom Taylor NOW - Brighter days for radio? (7/15)
What Citadel could have done, December 2009
Will our listeners go GaGa for LaLa, January 2010