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Filter Station Trading News by Year

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12/03/01    Regent Comm. Aquires WLSP-AM and WRXF-FM from Covenant Comm.
11/19/01    Cumulus Media Acquires WQQK-FM, WNPL-FM and WRQQ-FM from DBBC, LLC.
11/16/01    Small Town Radio Aquires WJFL-FM from Fall Line Media
11/16/01    Ortiz Broadcasting Corporation Aquires Channel 53-TV from WKOB Communications.
10/31/01    John & Jean Kircher Acquire KBTO-FM from Ivers Broadcasting, Inc.
10/16/01    Free Lance-Star Publishing Co. Completes Aquisition of WWUZ from Rappahannock
10/11/01    Sun Valley Radio Acquires KGNT-FM from Legacy Communications
10/11/01    3 Point Media Utah, LLC Acquires KNFL-FM from Legacy Communications
9/25/01    Clear Channel Comm. Completes Acquisition of KVLT-FM from Coastal Digital Bcstg.
9/21/01    Millcreek Broadcasting, LLC Acquires KCUA-FM from Community Wireless of Park City
9/19/01    McClatchey Broadcasting Company Acquires Three Stations
8/20/01    Clear Channel Aquires WBIP-FM from Community Broadcasting of Mississippi
8/15/01    Entravision Completes Aquisition of WJAL-TV from Good Companion
8/15/01    Jim Carroll Acquires KDRG-AM and KANA-AM/KGLM-FM from Valley Communications
7/27/01    Sand Hill Media Corp. Acquires KADQ-FM and KOSZ-FM (CP) from Ted W. Austin, Jr.
7/10/01    East Texas Bcstg. Completes Acquisition of KPLT, KBUS & KOYN from Carephil Comm.
6/26/01    Radio One, Inc. Aquires WPEZ-FM from U.S. Broadcasting
6/25/01    Clear Channel Comm. Acquires KVLT-FM from Coastal Digital Bcstg.
6/12/01    Millcreek Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of KOVO-AM from Great Stock Company
5/30/01    Millcreek Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of KMXU-FM from Sanpete Broadcasting
5/22/01    Simmons Media Completes Acquisition of KFTZ-FM & KOSZ-FM from Marathon Media
5/18/01    Cumulus Broadcasting Completes Aquisition of WKQB-FM from Muirfield Broadcasting
5/18/01    Cumulus Media Completes Acquisition of WWSG-FM from Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr.
5/16/01    Four Him Inc. Completes Acquisition of KPCR-AM/FM from Indacom, Inc.
5/14/01    Free Lance-Star Publishing Co. Acquires WWUZ-FM from Rappahannock Communications
5/08/01    Ted Tucker Acquires KAPR-AM and KEAL-FM from Unicorn Communications
5/08/01    Millcreek Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of KOTB-FM from Rocky Mountain Radio
5/04/01    Javier Macias Completes Aquisition of WGTA-AM from TTA Broadcasting