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12/26/02    Lakeshore Media Acquires WSOS-AM/FM from WSOS-FM & Westshore Broadcasting
12/18/02    Red Wolf Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of WKCD-FM from AAA Entertainment
12/09/02    On Top Communications Completes Acquisition of KNOU-FM from JP Broadcasting, LLC
12/06/02    3 Point Media-Washington, LLC Acquires KAZZ-FM from Barbara and Earle Kazmark
12/04/02    Holladay Broadcasting Acquires KBYO-AM/FM from Tiger Communications
11/25/02    ABC, Inc. & Radio Disney Acquire KMUS-AM from Reunion Broadcasting, LLC
11/07/02    Superior Court of Indiana Appoints Robert J. Maccini the Receiver for St. George Bcstg.
10/31/02    Triad Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of WWLD-FM from Cummulus Broadcasting, Inc.
10/23/02    Convergent Broadcasting, LLC Acquires WVOD-FM from Orbit Communications, LLC
10/21/02    ABC Radio Aqcuires KALY-AM from Septien and Associates
10/17/02    Hochman Communications Completes Acquisition of KONI-FM from Dixon Broadcasting
10/14/02    Midvalley Radio Partners, LLC Acquires KUBA & KXCL from Harlan Family Trust.
10/10/02    La Favorita Broadcasting Acquires KSLK-FM from New Visalia Broadcasting.
10/08/02    Perry Bcstg. Acquires KRPT KXCA KXCD KXCD KKEN KDDQ from Friends Comm.
10/02/02    Regent Bcstg. Grand Rapids Completes Acquisition of WLSP,KRXF from Convenant Comm.
9/25/02    Convergent Broadcasting, LLC Acquires WYND/WNHW from OBX Broadcasting, LLC
9/22/02    Hanszen Bdcst Grp Completes Acquisition of KMHT/KZEY from Community Bdcst Grp
9/09/02    AAA Entertainment, LLC Acquires WXCL-FM from Kelly Communications, Inc.
9/09/02    Red Wolf Broadcasting, Inc. Acquires WKCD-FM from AAA Entertainment, LLC
6/13/02    3 Point Media Utah Completes Acquisition of KNFL-FM from Legacy Communications
6/05/02    Signals Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3
5/31/02    TV DMA Ranking List
5/31/02    Radio Metro Ranking List
5/28/02    Cumulus Media Inc. Acquires Eight Stations in Macon, GA, from US Broadcasting, Ltd.
5/20/02    Publisher's Profile--George Reed, R&R (11/01)
5/20/02    Converting Kilometers to Miles
5/20/02    Average FM Service Ranges
5/20/02    Converting Millivolts to Decibel Units
5/20/02    Converting Channel Numbers to Frequencies
5/20/02    FM Distance Separation Requirements
5/17/02    Court Remands Local TV Ownership Rule for Further Consideration (Lewis J. Paper)
5/16/02    FCC NPRM Cross-Ownership of Broadcast Stations and Newspapers (9/01)
5/16/02    FCC NPRM Rules and Policies Concerning Multiple Ownership in Local Markets (11/01)
5/16/02    Financing 101
5/16/02    Station Acquisition
5/15/02    Raman Communications II, Ltd. Acquires KHDY-FM from KBL Broadcasting Corporation
5/08/02    Saga Comm. Acquires WKNE-AM/FM & WKVT-AM/FM from Tele-Media Co.
5/08/02    Antonio F. Gois & Helena R. Gois Complete Acquisition of WSPR-AM from Edmund Dinis
5/03/02    Radio One, Inc. Completes Acquisition of WPEZ-FM from U.S. Broadcasting
4/05/02    M.R.S. Ventures, Inc. Acquires Five Stations from Friends Communications
4/04/02    M.R.S. Ventures, Inc. Acquires Four Stations from Delta Radio, Inc. and Seark Radio, Inc.
2/19/02    Saga Comm. Acquires WKNE-AM/FM & WKVT-AM/FM from Tele-Media Co.
2/11/02    Sun Valley Radio Completes Acquisition of KGNT-FM from Legacy Communications
2/06/02    Power Valley Communications, Inc. Acquires WADI-FM & WCMA-AM from Janice Jobe
1/30/02    Amigo Broadcasting Aquires KHHL-FM from Shamrock Communications
1/16/02    AAA Entertainment Acquires WBZM-FM from Rainbow Radio
1/08/02    Antonio F. Gois & Helena R. Gois Acquire WSPR-AM from Edmund Dinis
1/04/02    On Top Communications Acquires KNOU-FM from JP Broadcasting, LLC