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12/31/03    Styles Media Acquires WBBK-AM/FM,WSEM-AM,WGMK-FM from Convergent Bdcstg.
12/18/03    Mississippi Valley Radio Acquires 17 stations in the Paducah DMA from Zimmer Radio
12/10/03    Newspaper Radio Corporation Acquires KKHI-FM From Laramie Mountain Bdcstg., LLC
11/17/03    Ava Maria University Acquires WNRW-FM from Bel Meade Broadcasting
11/17/03    3 Point Media-Nevada, LLC Acquires KBZB-FM From Gla-Mar Broadcasting, LLC
11/12/03    Dakota Comm.,Ltd. Acquires KIJV-AM/KZNC-FM From Three Eagles Communications
11/11/03    Cumulus Completes Acquisition of WPCK-FM/WPKR-FM from Midwest Dimensions
11/06/03    McKinley Joins McKinley in San Francisco Office
10/31/03    Monarch Broadcasting Acquires KWHW-AM, KRKZ-FM, KQTZ-FM from Altus Radio
10/29/03    Auction By Court Appointed Receiver - WJOB-AM/WIMS-AM
10/27/03    Educational Media Acquires KDJZ-FM from Tom Ingstad North Dakota Bcstg.
10/08/03    Northeast Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of WDCAT-AM, WAHL-FM From Citadel
9/26/03    Media Services Group Opens Tenth Office, in Greenville, SC
9/12/03    Nature Coast Broadcasting Acquires WIFL-FM from Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry
9/11/03    FCC To Terminate Temporary Broadcast Station Freeze (9/10/03)
9/05/03    U.S. Court of Appeals Stay of Ownership Rules 9/03/03
8/14/03    M.R.S. Ventrures Acquires WDSK-AM,WDTL-FM,KRKD-FM,WRKG-FM,KZYQ-FM,WZYQ-FM From Delta Radio
8/05/03    Hightower Radio Completes Acquisition of KNET-AM/KYYK-FM from North Texas Radio
7/23/03    FCC Releases Text of New Broadcast Multiple Ownership Rules (ShawPittman)
7/11/03    Station Trading 2003: Content is King
7/10/03    Senate Commerce Committee Hearings on Media Ownership, (7/03), Testimony of Alex Kolobielski
7/10/03    Senate Commerce Committe Hearings on Media Ownership, (7/03), Testimony of Lewis Dickey, Jr.
7/09/03    Convergent Bcstg. Acquires WBBK-AM/FM, WGMK-FM, WSEM-AM from Merchants Bcstg.
7/07/03    Cumulus Media Acquires WPCK-FM and WPKR-FM from Midwest Dimensions
7/02/03    FCC Report and Order on Ownership Rules (07/02/03)
7/02/03    Lakeshore Media Completes Acquisition of WSOS-AM/FM from WSOS-FM, Inc. & Westshore Bcstg.
6/02/03    Radio Ink: FCC Changes Media Ownership Rules
6/02/03    FCC Sets Limits on Media Concentration (6/03)
5/19/03    M&M Broadcasters, LTD Acquires KTON-AM from Sheldon Communications
5/09/03    Clear Channel Completes Acquisition of WDAK-AM/WSTH-FM from Solar Broadcasting
5/09/03    3 Point Media Completes Acquisition of KAZZ-FM from Barbara and Earl Kazmark
5/01/03    MRS Ventures Completes Acquisition of KOTN, KCLA, KZYP, KPBQ from Delta Radio, Seark Radio
4/24/03    New Northwest Broadcasting Sells Its Four Radio Stations in the Coos Bay Area of Oregon
4/22/03    Mapleton Comm. Completes Acquisition KUHL & KTME from Blackhawk Comm.
4/21/03    Midvalley Radio Partners Completes Acquisition of KUBA, KXCL from Harlan Family Trust
4/17/03    Northeast Bcstg. Co. Acquires WCAT-AM & WAHL-FM from Citadel Comm. Corp.
4/11/03    Ownership Rules--George Reed, RBR (April 2003, Volume 20, Issue 4)
4/01/03    ValueVision Media Completes Acquisition of WWDP-TV from Norwell Television
3/18/03    Hightower Radio Inc. Acquires KNET-AM & KYYK-FM From North Texas Radio Group
3/17/03    Henderson Broadcasting Co. Completes Acquisition of KNTX-AM from Buckalew Media
3/13/03    Woodland Comm. Completes Acquisition of KBNG from Idaho Broadcasting Consortium
2/18/03    Jody McCoy Joins Media Services Group
2/06/03    Media Services Group Names Managing Director
2/03/03    Cumulus Media Completes Acquisition of 8 Stations in Macon, GA from US Broadcasting
1/15/03    Starboard Broadcasting, Inc. Acquires WJOB-AM from St. George Broadcasting
1/15/03    ValueVision Media Acquires WWDP-TV from Norwell Television LLC
1/14/03    Convergent Broadcasting Completes Aquisition of WVOD-FM from Orbit Communications
1/13/03    Saga Comm.of New England Acquires WINQ-FM from Aritaur Comm., Inc.
1/10/03    Perry Bcstg. Completes Acquisition of KRPT, KXCA, KXCD, KKEN, KDDQ from Friends Comm.
1/09/03    Citadel Broadcasting Acquires WWKX, WAXK & WMOS from AAA Entertainment
1/06/03    AAA Entertainment Completes Acquisition of WXCL-FM from Kelly Communications