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11/30/06    Mapleton Communications Completes Acquisition of 10 stations from Regent Communications, Inc.
11/16/06    Greater Media, Inc. Completes Acquisition of 99.5 FM in Boston plus certain other consideration for Nassau Broadcasting’s WTHK-FM, moving to Philadelphia.
11/16/06    Greater Media Completes Acquisition of WCRB-FM from Charles River Broadcasting, Inc.
11/15/06, Inc. Completes Acquisition of WBET-AM from KJI Broadcasting, LLC
11/01/06    Armada Media Corporation Completes Acquisition of KSDN-AM/FM, KGIM-AM/FM, KBFO-FM, KNBZ-FM from Aberdeen Radio Ranch.
10/26/06    Independence Media Holdings, LLC acquires WWCT-FM from AAA Entertainment.
10/26/06    WVJT Inc. Completes Acquisition of WXCF-FM and WXCF-AM from Impact Broadcasting, Inc.
9/18/06    Four R Broadcasting Inc. acquires KCDC-FM and KMDX-FM from Regency Broadcasting Inc.
9/05/06    Todd Robinson, Inc. Completes Acquisition of KZLZ-FM from Entravision Holdings
8/31/06    Bick Broadcasting Completes Sale of KHMO-AM, KICK-FM, KPCR-AM, KRRY-FM, KSDL-FM, KSIS-AM, and KXKX-FM to Double O Radio
8/11/06    Christopher Jones of Charles River Broadcasting acquires WCRI-FM and WCNX-AM from Charles River Broadcasting.
7/31/06    Greater Media and Nassau Exchange Stations ~ Greater Media Acquires WCRB-FM
7/19/06    Mapleton Communications acquires 10 radio Stations serving Redding and Chico market from Regent Communications
7/06/06    WVJT, Inc. Acquires WXCF-AM and WXCF-FM from Impact Broadcasting, Inc.
6/29/06    The Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia, Inc. Completes Acquisition of WKCX-FM
5/18/06    J.W. Broadcasting Completes Acquistion of WWAA-AM from InterMart Broadcasting of Georgia
5/12/06    Todd Robinson, Inc. Acquires KZLZ-FM from Entravision Holdings L.L.C.
5/11/06    Armada Media Corporation Acquires Six Stations Serving Aberdeen, SD from Aberdeen Radio Ranch
5/10/06    Cherry Creek Radio Completes Acquisition of Southwestern Utah Radio/LPTV Cluster from MB Media Group
5/09/06    Double O Radio L.L.C. Acquires Seven Stations from Bick Broadcasting Company
4/20/06    Bravo Mic Communications Completes Acquisition of KROL-FM from Rio Grande Christian Broadcasting
4/18/06    WVJT LLC Completes Acquisition of WKEY-AM, WIQO-FM, WKCJ-FM and WSLW-AM from Quorum Radio Partners of Virginia
4/03/06, LLC Acquires WBET-AM from KJI Broadcasting, LLC
3/08/06    Foundation for Public Bdcstg. in Georgia Acquires WKCX-FM from Briar Creek Bdcstg.
2/24/06    Bustos Media Completes Acquisition of KQTA-FM from R&S Media
2/02/06    St. Pier Group Acquires WJJJ-FM from Sheridan Broadcasting
2/02/06    Entertainment Media Trust Acquires WDID-AM from New Life Evangelistic Center
2/02/06    Bravo Mic Communications Acquires KROL-FM from Rio Grande Christian Bdcst.
1/30/06    1 Chronicles 14, LP Acquire KKYC-FM, KICA-AM, KICA-FM, KMUL-AM and KMUL-FM from Broadcast Entertainment Corp.
1/25/06    JW Broadcasting Acquires WWAA-AM from Intermart Broadcasting of Georgia
1/20/06    U. S. District Court Appoints Robert J. Maccini the Receiver for J4 Broadcasting of Cincinnati, OH (WCIN-AM)
1/18/06    Birach Broadcasting Acquires WCBW-AM from New Life Evangelistic Center
1/12/06    Lake County Radio Completes Acquisition of KLVQ-AM, KCKL-FM from Cedar Creek Radio and Love Radio
1/10/06    Weston Entertainment Completes Acquisition of KBHT-FM
1/10/06    Double O Radio Completes Acquisition of WDOS-AM and WSRK-FM
1/03/06    Citadel Broadcasting Corporation Completes Acquisition of WKSY-FM from Guaranty Broadcasting