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12/14/07    Legacy Broadcasting Completes Acquistion of KMOR-FM, KOLT-AM and KOAQ-AM from Tracy Broadcasting Company
11/30/07    Educational Media Foundation Completes the Acquisition of WWTB-FM
11/15/07    Courtney Thompson Joins Media Services Group
11/05/07    Whitfield Communications Acquires WBAC-AM, WDNT-AM, WXQK-AM, and WAYA-FM from Brewer Broadcasting
10/24/07    Eddie Esserman becomes Director
10/24/07    Jerry Johnson Joins Media Services Group
10/24/07    Greg Merrill Returns from Leave of Absence
10/19/07    Cherry Creek Radio Completes Acquisition of the Stock of Wescoast Broadcasting, KPQ AM/FM and KWNC AM
10/16/07    Community Broadcasting Acquires KAYH-FM and KOFC-AM from Family Vision Ministries and William B. and Martha J. Disney
9/21/07    Legacy Communications of Nebraska Acquires 2 FM CPs from College Creek Broadcasting
9/20/07    Rocking M Radio Enters into LMA for Three FM CPs with RadioActive
9/17/07    Middle Georgia Broadcasting Acquires WJFL-FM from Fall Line Media
9/06/07    Legacy Broadcasting Acquires KMOR-FM, KOZY-FM, KOLT-AM, KOAQ-AM from Tracy Broadcasting
9/05/07    Claro Communications Completes Acquisition o KOPY-AM/FM from Sendero Multimedia
8/29/07    Armada Media Purchases Kansas Radio Stations from Bob Ingstad Family
8/15/07    G.I. Family Radio Completes Acquisition of FM Construction Permits from College Creek Radio
8/06/07    W. Philip Robinson Acquires KRMX-AM, KNKN-FM from Metropolitan Radio Group
8/06/07    Birach Broadcasting Acquires KOLE-AM from CityGate Media
8/03/07    Armada Media Completes Acquisition of KMSD-AM, KBWS-FM, KDIO-AM, KPHR-FM from Big Stone Broadcasting
8/02/07    The Robert Ingstad Family Completes Acquisition of an FM CP in Presho, SD, from College Creek Media
7/23/07    MCDJ LLC Acquires WASO-AM From Claude Lighhtfoot
5/22/07    Educational Media Foundation Completes Acquisition of WFFM-FM from On Top Communications of Georgia, LLC
5/22/07    Georgia Eagle Broadcasting, Inc. Completes Acquisition of WWNS-AM, WPTB-AM, WSYL-AM, WZBX-FM, WDXQ-AM/FM, and WMCD-FM from Communications Capital Company II of Georgia, LLC
5/11/07    Educational Media Foundation Completes Acquisition of WJFY-FM from Three Trees Communications, Inc.
5/10/07    Cherry Creek Radio Acquires the Stock of Wescoast Broadcasting, licensee of KPQ AM/FM & KWNC-AM, Wenatchee, WA
4/04/07    Tallgrass Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of 5 Station Cluster in Clovis, New Mexico
4/02/07    Pilot Media, LLC of WRPW-FM, WDQZ-FM, and WYST-FM from AAA Entertainment, LLC
3/21/07    Armada Media Corporation Acquires KMSD-AM, KKDIO-AM, KPHR-FM, and KBWS-FM from Big Stone Broadcasting, Inc. and Pheasant Country Broadcasting, Inc.
3/20/07    Robert Ingstad Acquires FM CP in Presho, SD from College Creek Media, LLC
2/23/07    Educational Media Foundation Acquires WRXZ-FM and WFFM-FM from On Top Communications
2/05/07    Tallgrass Broadcasting, LLC Acquires KICA-FM/AM,KKYC-FM, KMUL-FM/AM from Broadcast Entertainment Corp.
1/31/07    Claro Communications Acquires KOPY-AM and FM from Sendero Multimedia
1/25/07    Educational Media Foundation Acquires WJYF-FM from Three Trees Communications, Inc.
1/12/07    Four R Broadcasting Inc. Completes Acquisition of KDCD-FM and KMDX-FM from Regency Broadcasting Inc.
1/12/07    Sandab Communications II.,LP Acquires WFCC-FM and WKPE-FM from CRB Media LLC. formerly Charles River Broadcasting Co., Inc.
1/03/07    Educational Media Foundation Acquires WWTB-FM, from Sea-Comm