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11/25/08    Claro Communications Acquires KRBL-FM from Triumph Communications Inc.
11/10/08    Media Services Group Director Appointed Receiver for Boise, Idaho Station
11/01/08    Lance Sayler Acquires KKDT-FM and KXNC-FM from College Creek Media LLC
10/01/08    High Country Adventures, LLC Acquires WECR-FM & AM, WATA-AM, WMMY-FM, WZJS-FM, WXIT-AM from Aisling Broadcasting of Banner Elk, LLC
9/11/08    Starcall Broadcasting, LLC Acquires KVOU-AM, KVOU-FM, and KUVA-FM from Rhattigan Broadcasting
8/07/08    Northern Lights Broadcasting LLC Completes Acquisition of KRBI-AM from Three Eagles Communications
6/09/08    East Tennessee Radio Group III, L.P. Completes Acquisition of WBAC, WDNT, WXQK, and WAYA from J.L. Brewer Broadcasting of Cleveland, LLC.
5/28/08    Educational Media Foundation Completes Acquisition of KTSL-FM from Pamplin Communications Corporation
4/29/08    Business Radio Dallas, LLC Agrees to Purchase the Assets of KJSA-AM from M & M Broadcasting
4/18/08    The Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia, Inc., Completes Acquisition of WQMT-FM from North Georgia Radio Group, L.P.
3/21/08    Birach Broadcast Corp. Completes Aquisition of KOLE-AM from Citygate Media
3/11/08    Media Services Group Managing Director Appointed Receiver for North Carolina Radio Stations
2/27/08    Legacy Communications Completes Acquisition of Two FM CPs from College Creek Broadcasting
2/15/08    Educational Media Foundation Acquires KTSL-FM from Pamplin Communications Corporation
1/31/08    Sandab Communications II, LP Completes Acquisition of WFCC-FM and WOCN-FM, serving Cape Cod, MA, from CRB Media, LLC
1/16/08    Community Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of KAYH-FM & KOFC-AM from Family Vision Ministries & William & Martha Disney
1/15/08    Media Services Group Announces Industry Forecast For 2008
1/11/08    Sea-Comm Inc. has Agreed to Purchase WUIN-FM from Ocean Broadcasting LLC
1/07/08    The Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia, Inc. Acquires WQMT-FM from North Georgia Radio Group, L.P.
1/07/08    Robert L. Heymann Jr. Joins Media Services Group