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12/22/14    WEZV-FM, WYEZ-FM and WGTN-FM (Myrtle Beach) Sold
12/22/14    Alpha Media to purchase Access 1 Communications radio stations
12/17/14    Curtis Media Closes Transaction in Boone, NC
12/16/14    Curtis Media Closes Translator Swap
12/12/14    Cox Purchases Jacksonville Translator
12/01/14    NRG Media Completes Acquisition of Waterloo Stations
11/20/14    Veteran Media Broker Joins Media Services Group
11/04/14    Four Milwaukee Market Stations
10/16/14    Blizzard Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of KBCR-AM/FM
10/07/14    Curtis Media Purchases Raleigh Area Translator
10/02/14    St. Augustine Air, Inc. Completes Acquisition of WYRE
9/15/14    JVC Media Closes on North Palm Beach
9/09/14    Curtis Media Purchases Four Translators
9/05/14    Charlotte-Raleigh FM Translator Swap
8/22/14    NRG Media Purchases Waterloo Cluster
8/21/14    Radio Statesboro, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Statesboro Cluster
8/04/14    Blizzard Broadcasting Agrees to Purchase KBCR-AM/FM
7/14/14    Southern California Public Radio Completes Acquisition of KLFH 89.5 FM
6/26/14    Four Milwaukee Market Stations Are Sold
6/25/14    Bob Maccini Appointed Chief Transition Officer of Communicom Broadcasting
6/13/14    Curtis Media Purchases Chapel Hill-Durham, NC FM Translator CP
6/11/14    Eastern Airwaves Agrees to Purchase W290CJ
5/30/14    Oklahoma State University Closes Purchase of Oklahoma FM Translator
5/14/14    JVC Media, Inc. Purchases WSVU-AM and Two Translators
5/07/14    Southern California Public Radio Acquires KLFH 89.5 FM
4/24/14    Bryan Broadcasting License Corporation Agrees to Purchase KKEE-FM
4/16/14    Eastern Airways Closes on Purchase Of Durham, NC FM Translator
4/03/14    Eastern Airwaves, LLC Closes on W235CG Ogden (Wilmington), NC
4/01/14    Eastern Airwaves, LLC Completes Acquisition of North Carolina FM Translator Station
3/31/14    Central Educational Radio Agrees to Purchase K252EE
3/31/14    Midwest Communications, Inc. Agrees to Purchase Construction Permit
3/21/14    Educational Media Foundation, Inc. Completes Acquisition of WHWT-FM
3/19/14    Eastern Airwaves, LLC Completes Acquisition of W262BM Charlotte, NC
3/17/14    Northeast Indiana Public Radio, Inc. closed sale of W258BY Fort Wayne, IN
3/07/14    Southern California Public Radio Agrees to Purchase K210AD Assets
3/06/14    Gerald Benavides Completes Acquisition of KKLF AM
3/03/14    Eastern Airwaves, LLC Completes Acquisition of W285EU
3/03/14    The Way Radio Group, LLC buys KRVA FM
2/27/14    Freedom's Voice Broadcasting Purchased KPTO-AM
2/24/14    Idaho Stations Closed
2/21/14    Eastern Airwaves/Curtis Media Acquires W282BX Tramway, NC (Sanford)
2/14/14    Cox Radio Acquires W246CY and W273CP from Circuitwerkes
2/12/14    Oklahoma State University Acquires K235CG
2/10/14    Eastern Airwaves/Curtis Media Purchases W235CG
2/05/14    W & C Broadcasting Sells FM Translator to Eastern Airwaves
1/30/14    Eastern Airwaves Completes Acquisition of W234BY
1/20/14    JVC Media Acquires Gainesville/Ocala Cluster
1/17/14    Media Logic, LLC Completes Acquisition of Colorado Stations
1/13/14    Eastern Airwaves/Curtis Media Purchases W236BP
1/09/14    Eastern Airwaves Acquires W226BV from Community Public Radio
1/08/14    Apex Completes Acquisition of WGZO