Media Services Group Tops the Rankings Again

March 18, 2016 

Media Services Group maintains the top spot in the broadcast brokerage rankings for 2015.* 

  • #1, Top radio broker
  • #1, Top broadcast broker by number of radio stations sold 
  • #1, Top broadcast broker by number of total deals
  • #1 and #6, Top brokered deals (excluding deals exclusively brokered by investment banks)

About Media Services Group:
Media Services Group was founded in 1990 and has grown into one of the most successful media brokerage firms in the past decade.  The firm offers brokerage, asset management, valuation and investment banking services to the broadcast and new media industries from offices throughout the U.S. 

*Source: SNL Kagan Broadcast Investor: Deals & Finance (Edition: February 29, 2016)

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