Relationships Matter

At Media Services Group, our directors have spent decades developing strong relationships with clients and customers. They work with us because we are trustworthy and reliable. We get the job done with integrity.

We work alongside you to determine your needs, develop a thorough plan to address those needs, and to answer any questions you have regarding the process. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the radio, TV, or tower business or you’re new to the scene, we can help.

We bring decades of success, experience, and professionalism to your projects. Most of our principals have owned stations and towers; several have built successful companies. We know the territory.

Many of our brokers have advanced degrees; we routinely serve as experts in legal cases or as court or DOJ appointed trustees or receivers.

Radio & TV Brokerage

Media Services Group provides brokerage services for radio stations, television stations, cell towers, and new media businesses. Our team will work with you during the transaction process to maximize your return for the current market conditions.

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