Radio, TV & Tower Valuations

Media Services Group has been preparing thoroughly researched, accurate, and incisive valuations of media properties for more than twenty years. During that time, we have completed hundreds of appraisal reports with an aggregate value in excess of $2 billion. Media Services Group reports are in-depth, unbiased, timely and relevant. Our rigorous standards ensure that our products are in full compliance with all applicable IRS Revenue rulings, the guidelines of the ASA and USAPA.

We have worked with hundreds of broadcasters, large and small, the U.S. government, and with financial institutions (lenders, private equity firms, and hedge funds) and principals with investments in the broadcasting and tower sectors. Confidentiality and discretion are unfailingly maintained.

Our appraisals utilize the three major approaches to valuation (cost, market and income) and are based on an exhaustive, realistic assessment of the opportunities and challenges for each property. Whether our clients require asset appraisals, stock valuations, or services for financial reporting, reorganization, or tax requirements, we have the expertise and professional experience to address their specific needs. Our valuations provide benchmarks for purchase agreements, financing requirements, employee incentive programs, business plans, and estate tax purposes. We are often engaged by lenders, attorneys, accounting firms, CFO’s, tax directors, or controllers. The Media Services Group valuation practice is headed up by firm co-founder Bob Maccini and Stephan Sloan.

  • Expert Testimony
    In addition to valuation reports on TV, radio, towers, and new media properties, the firm provides expert testimony, performed by the firm’s principals, which has been accepted in numerous Federal and State courts. We are prepared to assist with complex contracts, negotiations, valuations, case preparation and litigation support. We are a highly credible source for unbiased testimony on damage claims, industry issues, and valuations in litigation, alternative dispute resolution and bankruptcy-related matters.

  • Portfolio Analysis
    We provide lender portfolio analysis and monitoring. We have assessed “fire sale” scenarios and provided opinions as to likely buyers for specific assets. We help you determine real loan-to-value ratio and address looming changes in the industry and how they might affect collateral value. We provide valuable insight for directors, shareholders, credit committees, CRO’s, and loan review officers.

  • Due Dilligence
    The professionals of Media Services Group are also uniquely qualified to provide Lender and Investor due diligence services. We have been frequently called on to assess and express opinions on operating projections for target businesses. Over half of the partners of Media Services Group (six) hold advanced degrees, in addition to average service in the broadcast valuation and brokerage industry of well over 20 years.

Radio & TV Brokerage

Media Services Group provides brokerage services for radio stations, television stations, cell towers, and new media businesses. Our team will work with you during the transaction process to maximize your return for the current market conditions.

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