Radio, TV & Tower Services

Media Services Group provides radio and television station brokerage, communications tower brokerage, valuation, financing, and other consulting services to the broadcasting and telecom industries.

Our partners and associates have diverse backgrounds in the broadcast, tower, and banking industries. Our experience encompasses all areas of station operations including station ownership, management, sales and marketing in both large and small markets. Our banking background includes management in lending and investment banking related to the broadcasting industry.

Media Services Group has prepared appraisals for group owners, government agencies, courts, banks, insurance companies, venture capital firms, and investment banking firms.

Our partners serve as court appointed receivers and expert witnesses in broadcast and tower related matters.

Radio & TV Brokerage

Media Services Group provides brokerage services for radio stations, television stations, cell towers, and new media businesses. Our team will work with you during the transaction process to maximize your return for the current market conditions.