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Eddie Esserman, Managing Director

Phone: 912-634-6575
Cell: 912-996-8900
[email protected]

Tom Birch, Director

Phone: 919-341-1804
Cell: 919-610-7126
[email protected]

Robert L. Heymann, Jr., Managing Director

Phone: 847-266-9822
Cell: 312-246-5662
[email protected]

Tom McKinley, Director

Phone: 609-800-5102
Fax: 904-285-5618
[email protected]

George Reed, Managing Director

Phone: 904-285-3239
Fax: 904-285-5618
[email protected]

Bill Whitley, Director

Phone: 214-707-0168
[email protected]

Megan Reed, Associate

Phone: 203-733-5943
Cell: 203-733-5943
[email protected]

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Radio & TV Brokerage

Media Services Group provides brokerage services for radio stations, television stations, cell towers, and new media businesses. Our team will work with you during the transaction process to maximize your return for the current market conditions.


For general information: [email protected]