Radio, TV & Tower Financing

We provide access to capital, which while always important, has become critical in our industry. Media Services Group provides a full array of investment banking services to the broadcasting and tower industries:

  • Identification of funding sources
  • Procurement of financing
  • Establishment of beneficial relationships with banks, finance companies, insurance companies, hedge funds, and venture capital firms
  • SBA Financing

Media Services Group provides broadcasters and tower owners with general business consulting, financial consulting, business planning, financial controls and reporting. By putting our experience as operators, CRO’s, CFO’s, appraisers, brokers and investment bankers to work we are able to secure alternative methods of financing. We know the pitfalls and causes of potential delays and can guide the customer through the process.

Radio & TV Brokerage

Media Services Group provides brokerage services for radio stations, television stations, cell towers, and new media businesses. Our team will work with you during the transaction process to maximize your return for the current market conditions.

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